The Spice route changed Mauritius into a culturally rich crossroad. This fabulous saga is the inspiration behind Poivre D’Or, which mingles plural heritage and modernity to reveal an exotic and unique art de vivre.

Africa, India, Madagascar, Comores, Rodrigues..Poivre D’Or draws from all corners of this magical ocean. The best products for an explosion of authentic flavours. 100% Natural, 100% Authentic; Poivre D’Or is respectful of traditional receipts and savoir-faire.


We select and crafts each of our products like a gem. In addition to spices, honey blends, special sugars, local teas, mixed salts and gift boxes, Poivre D’Or also proposes a whole selection of home products crafted by artists from the region.

Rare and unique flavours, lost scents, magic of childhood memories for the taste buds, Imaginary or mythical rituals linked to the journeys and great discoveries of ancient times, Poivre D’Or embodies the very spirit of fine food since it restores its grandeur.